About Us

Where Shopping Feels Like a Fairy Tale

In early 2015, as newlyweds living in Birmingham, AL, we discovered that we would soon be having our first baby! After this wonderful discovery, we frequently joked about how our baby would end up being either a Princess (like her mother) or a Punk (like his father). Ultimately, these jokes would lead to Princess and Punks, Where Shopping Feels Like a Fairy Tale.

The Idea

The idea for Princess and Punks began to form out of the tremendous excitement that we felt about starting our own family. Support poured in from friends and family alike. The soon-to-be grandparents also shared in our excitement, and have generously served as the foundation on which Princess and Punks, the dream, became a reality.

How We Got Our Name

The jokes really caught on in our house between soon-to-be mom & dad, so we decided to host a Gender Reveal party with the theme “Princess or Punk?” We invited our friends and family over to share in this exciting moment.

We learned as a couple, alongside our friends and family, that our little bundle of joy would be a beautiful Princess (like her mother) the moment the the cake was cut!

In that very happy moment, the soon-to-be grandparents found out that their daughter and son-in-law would no longer be just newlyweds. They would soon be the parents of a beautiful baby girl!

Where Shopping Feels Like a Fairy Tale

Why We Do What We Do

Eager and excited, we began shopping for baby clothes for our little Princess-to-be.

We quickly discovered just how difficult it can be when shopping online to find quality and stylish outfits and sets, one-pieces, dresses, bloomers and bottomscocoons and bath sacks, shoes and accessories from all of the brands that we trusted and wanted for our beautiful baby girl.

Therefore, we worked hard, determined to “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31), and made it our mission to simplify the online shopping experience not only for expecting parents, but also for existing parents and grandparents!

Thus, it is our goal to outfit your child in clothing and accessories by the brands you know and trust (e.g., the brands you actually want) at affordable prices in a single, safe and convenient location – Princess and Punks, Where Shopping Feels Like a Fairy Tale…

Our Promise to You

We promise to simplify your online shopping for baby clothes experience. We feel confident that we can live up to this promise because we have searched, and will continue searching, for adorable outfits and accessories from reputable, trustworthy brands.

Our promise compels us to provide you with a catalog that is choked-full of unique styles that will set your child apart!

Thank You for Shopping with Us!

We are greatly thankful that you have visited our site, and look forward to simplifying your shopping experience for your little bundle of joy now, and for the wonderful years to come!